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Computer Networking


Our lives at home and at work have been inseparably tied to the Internet. And as you may have noticed from the other information on this web site, many if not all of the systems that control your home are Internet-enabled for optimal control at home or away from home. For these reasons, computer networks at home are as common as plumbing, electrical and telephone systems – no modern home is without them. Hull Productions can ensure that your family computers and other networked systems are securely connected to each other and to the Internet.

And while most home networks require a certain amount of hard wiring, many of our clients choose a wireless solution when it comes to connecting their desktop and notebook computers to the Internet. Hull Productions can design and install a wireless network that is without dead spots and interference from other networks.  This will allow the most reliable network for streaming high definition content for you and your family.   With a wireless access point, you can move to any room in your home and connect to the Internet instantly without any cables or adapters.

Hull Productions can help with all of your IT needs, including purchasing advice, hardware sales, installation and post-installation technical support.